Wednesday, January 15, 2014   1:15 AM

Introduction to Parapsychology Online Course Offered by the Rhine Research Center

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

A new introductory online parapsychology course will start soon. Taught by Nancy L. Zingrone, and by myself, we present an overview of parapsychology through the Education Center of the Rhine Research Center. The course, Introduction to Parapsychology, is 8-weeks long, will start on January 29 and go through March 19th (for more information about price, registration and requirements go here  


Photo: Drs. Nancy L. Zingrone and Carlos S. Alvarado

Drs. Nancy L. Zingrone and Carlos S. Alvarado

The course will include the following topics:

Introduction to Scientific Parapsychology

History of Scientific Parapsychology

Extrasensory Perception Research: Experimental Parapsychology

Extrasensory Perception Research: Spontaneous Case and Survey Research

Psychokinesis Research

Out-of-Body Experiences and Near-Death Experiences


Modern Research in Parapsychology



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