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Eddie Faurote

Location: Boiceville, New York, United States of America

About Me

Not sure what to put here... I'm a scientist of sort, I've been dealing with (and sorry to use this stereotyped term, but it is easy and I find it to fit my purposes) psychic abilities since I was 13 or so. I had to do all my research and coping with this gift/curse/possible better part of human nature for what seems like too long. I found the works of Robert Monroe to start me off, almost adoring his scientific way of approaching the subject. I just recently found this organization, and i sadly cannot become a member due to lack of money. I can assure you that i'm willing for any studies, but I will simply refuse to talk with someone with biased views, or a stereotypical attitude of age groups, races, etc. Seriously, we are kinda working on the improvement of the human race, here.

If you catch me at the right time on Skype, I'm always up for chats. I am still researching (I have a feeling I always will be), so anything that might help me... Please. I would love to know.

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Skype Name: Edziseverywhere999

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

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