Applications for PARE grants should show explicit attention to the matters listed below. These points may usefully be implemented as headings within the application (perhaps supplemented by other headings according to the nature of the individual proposal), but in any event applicants should be aware that the Research Grants Committee will be looking specifically for evidence that each of the following matters has been duly addressed.

Name(s) of Applicant(s)

e-mail address for communication

Title and brief abstract of the research proposal

Postal address of principal applicant

Institution with which the research would be affiliated (if any)

Brief curriculum vitae sufficient to document applicants' suitability to conduct the proposed research. Please include degrees held and relevant publications.

Outline of research proposal, including
• a clear statement of the hypothesis or other focus of the work
• a short summary of the relevant literature
• a concise description of methodology
• a list of the resources needed for the project, together with a budget
• an expected time-line for the execution of the project
• a short statement of the respects in which the parapsychological literature would potentially be advanced by the successful completion of the project

Plans for the formal presentation and/or publication of the findings of the project

Letters of support from people who would be involved in supervising or helping with the work, or other documentation that would assist the committee in its deliberations