Helané Wahbeh - Answering Scientific Questions with Group Channeling

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Helané Wahbeh is the Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Wahbeh is clinically trained as a naturopathic physician and research trained with a Master of Clinical Research and two postdoctoral research fellowships. Her current research interests include healing stress and trauma, examining mind-body medicine’s mechanisms, and rigorously studying extended human capacities.

The objectives of this study were to conduct comparisons between 1) each participants’ channeled vs. non-channeled answers; 2) participants’ responses to the questions (e.g., for content similarity during channeling); and 3) participants’ responses to the questions (e.g., for content similarity accuracy) pre-channeling.

Participants were self-reported adult mediums or channelers who had extensive channeling experience - ideally with channeling scientific information, can initiate channeling connection at will, speak English fluently, and video conference and correspond by email. Multiple Zoom video sessions were held in which participants answered ten scientific questions in a non-channeling and channeling state and submitted their answers in writing through the chat function or an audio recording. Three judges rated the correspondence between channeled and non-channeled responses for each question and channeler. The judges' scores were averaged across questions, within channelers, and across channelers. Judges also rated each channeler pair's correspondence, and scores averaged for each channeler pair and then within each question.

These research results are relevant to the veracity and efficacy of channeling as a practice and a possible research protocol for other researchers. The next steps include a qualitative thematic analysis of the answers.

Presented at the online PA Symposium “Advances in Mediumship Research” on February 27,2021; program chaired by Helané Wahbeh, Director of Research at IONS. Download the Abstract at https://parapsych.org/articles/66/537/abstracts_advances_in_mediumship.aspx 

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