Do you have an active interest in parapsychology? If so, consider joining the Parapsychological Association (PA). Membership in the PA supports the scientific study of psi (or ‘psychic’) experiences and provides access to unique resources for the study of parapsychology.

Founded in 1957, the PA is an international professional body of scientists and scholars whose primary objective is to achieve a scientific understanding of psi and related phenomena. This unique organization provides an international forum for scholarly exchange through its website, annual conventions, its publication Mindfield: The Bulletin of the Parapsychological Association, and its partnership with the Rhine Research Center, which brings the Journal of the Parapsychology to all PA members.

Anyone who has an active interest in the scientific and scholarly advancement of parapsychology is invited to join as a Supporting Member. As parapsychological research continues to reach a wider scientific audience, it is hoped that those with a broad interest in the scientific study of psi will join the PA, both to support the field and to follow its developments. 

Active researchers who have graduated from a recognized academic institution should consider applying as an Associate or Professional Member. The PA also welcomes high school and college students at a reduced membership rate. 

As a member of the PA, you will receive an electronic copy of Mindfield three times a year and receive pdfs of the latest Journal of Parapsychology twice a year. You will also receive discounts on annual PA conventions and online access to an archive of convention proceedings and presentations videoed in years past.

If you have an interest in the scientific study of psi as it’s studied in the lab or in real life, and want to have a better understanding of these experiences and phenomena, visit our membership page to see which category is best for you.