Congratulations to Etzel Cardeña, who has been selected to receive the PA's 2020 Outstanding Career Award. This award goes to a PA professional or associate member to recognize sustained research or service contributions that have advanced the discipline of parapsychology. Prof.Cardeña has been the main editor of some of the best parapsychological books of the 21st century: Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21st Century,
Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence, and  Altering Consciousness [2 volumes]: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. He was also the founding editor of Mindfield: The Bulletin of the Parapsychological Association and a past editor of the Journal of Parapsychology.

Etzel Cardeña was born and raised in México. He was elected Fellow of APS and APA, and holds the endowed Thorsen Chair in psychology (which includes parapsychology in its remit) at Lund University, Sweden, where he leads the Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP). His areas of research include alterations of consciousness and anomalous experiences (including psi), dissociative processes and posttraumatic reactions, the neurophenomenology of hypnosis and transcendent experiences, and the stream of consciousness during waking and altered states. His Ph. D. is from the University of California, Davis (under Charles Tart) and he was a postdoctoral fellow and scholar resident at Stanford University. He has more than 350 publications, some in top journals in psychology and related disciplines. He has also worked professionally as a theatre director, actor, and playwright.

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