The 2010 Election Committee is pleased to announce the results of this year's election:

Vice President
Gerd Hövelmann 35*
Chris Roe 31
Board of Directors
Jessica Utts 51*
Roger Nelson 40*
Christine Simmonds-Moore 32*
Stefan Schmidt 32*
Hoyt Edge 31**
Nicola Holt 26
Mario Varvoglis 26
Fatima Regina Machado 21
* Those elected are indicated by an asterisk
** Hoyt Edge replaces Gerd Hövelmann, whose position on the board became open when he was elected to the office of Vice President.  Hoyt Edge will fill a one-year vacancy as prescribed by the Bylaws.
Officers and Board for 2010-2011
David Luke, President
Gerd Hövelmann, Vice President
John Palmer, Secretary
Hoyt Edge
Roger Nelson
Stefan Schmidt
Stephan Schwartz
Christine Simmonds-Moore
Jessica Utts
(a treasurer has yet to be appointed)
Congratulations to our newly elected board members and many thanks to Rick Berger, Jim Carpenter, and Mario Varvoglis, for their service as Officers/Directors from 2008-2010.  The 2010-2011Board will commence on July 25th, the last day of the Paris Convention.