Dear Student Associates of the PA,

Cal Cooper (*in absentia*), Thomas Rabeyron and Renaud Evrard are hosting an
informal meeting for PA students at the PA Convention in Paris in order get
to know each other and share ideas. The first day (Thursday 22th July 2010)
is a French day (with some presentations in both French and English the
afternoon) hosted by IMI at Enclos Rey (57 rue Violet, Paris). At the end of
this day (at 8:30 PM), students will be invited to gather and go to a
restaurant together.

It will be at: Mario é Lillo

98 rue du Théâtre


400m from Enclos Rey -> see the map,2.29316&sspn=0.000973,0.002642&ie=UTF8&ll=48.846635,2.292811&spn=0.000973,0.002642&t=h&z=19

We have a room downstairs, with a long table. People can go there directly around 8PM.

The food is international: pizza (7€ to 13€), pasta (7€ to 13€), meats (10€ and +): good budget for students!