In addition to its individual 2021 book awards, the Parapsychological Association recognizes the scholarly anthology trilogy edited by Edward F. Kelly and coauthors:

These three books document the results of a series of scholarly seminars held at Esalen's Center for Theory and Research. The trilogy deserves to be on the bookshelf of anyone interested in understanding the challenges to materialistic and physicalistic assumptions about consciousness. This collection does a magnificent job in placing psi research in historical and philosophical context, and it reviews in detail empirical data from a wealth of sources. The result, over 1500 pages across the three books, demands a radical revisioning of what consciousness is and what it is capable of. Scholarly reviews of these trilogies are sprinkled with terms like bold, ambitious, pioneering, lucid, and stellar consciousness.

The Parapsychological Association Book Award was established in 2015 to recognize books in the field of parapsychology that make significant contributions to science and to the cultural conversation about the implications of parapsychology. Visit the PA Book Award Page to learn more about the award and previous winners.