California: Saybrook University offers non‐residential, accredited Masters and PhD programs allowing students to design their own degree in psychology with an emphasis on parapsychology. Stanley Krippner and Dean Radin can supervise research in parapsychological topics. For more information:

Georgia:  Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore recently joined the psychology faculty at the University of West Georgia as an Assistant Professor of Psychology. Parapsychology first came to UWG when Dr. Bill Roll was based there. As a result, the university has a long history with regard to this topic, which is supported by an excellent collection of journals and books. It is now possible to study parapsychology at UWG alongside a number of other interesting topics related to humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Courses exploring parapsychology are offered at the undergraduate and graduate (masters levels). The master’s program at West Georgia focusses on humanistic and transpersonal psychology. The psychology department also offer an Integrative Health Studies Certificate Program  and a PhD program (on Consciousness and Society ) at West Georgia, and as such, it is possible for students to focus on a parapsychology related topic for masters theses and doctoral dissertations.

New Jersey: Dr. Jennifer Lyke, an associate professor of psychology in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey , offers two undergraduate courses titled Anomalous Experiences and States of Consciousness. Dr. Lyke is also available to supervise an undergraduate thesis relating to these topics. Contact: for more info.

Virginia: Atlantic University offers an online and distance education accredited Masters Degree Program in Transpersonal Studies that includes a number of courses relevant to parapsychology including “Principles of Parapsychology” currently taught by Loyd Auerbach. Faculty members Doug Richards and Loyd Auerbach are available to mentor a parapsychology-focused Directed Study course or Culminating Project. For more information: