Outstanding Career Award

This award goes  to a PA member or associate member to recognize sustained (20 years or more) research or service contributions that have advanced the discipline of parapsychology.

Recipient receives a plaque at the annual convention. The recipient is invited, if he or she wishes, to present an Invited Address (30 minutes maximum), preferably at the Parapsychological Annual Convention in the year following the award, or, if it be preferred by the awardee, no later than at that Convention the second year following the award. The willingness to give such an address is not, however, a condition for receipt of the award.

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2013 Outstanding Career Award Winner: Eberhard Bauer

Congratulations goes to Eberhard Bauer, who has been selected to receive the PA's 2013 Outstanding Career Award. This award goes to a PA professional or associate member to recognize sustained research or service contributions that have advanced ... More

2012 Outstanding Career Award Winner: John A. Palmer

John A. Palmer  was awarded the Outstanding Career Award in 2012.  He served three times as President of the Parapsychological Association. He is presently Director of Research at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, and long time Editor of the ... More

2011 Outstanding Career Award Winner: Richard Broughton

Richard Broughton is the recepient of the 2011 Outstanding Career Award.  In his own words: "It was an article by Larry LeShan in an obscure journal called Main Currents in Modern Thought that propelled me toward parapsychology. I always had an ... More

2010 Outstanding Career Award Winner: Sally Rhine Feather

As the oldest daughter of JB and Louisa E. Rhine, I practically grew up in the early Duke Lab, where I assisted in various aspects of the research for many years before and after college and grad school. When I finally realized as a young adult that I ... More

1988 - 2009 Outstanding Career Award Winners

1988: Gertrude R. Schmeidler 1989:   Robert A. McConnell 1990:   Dorothy H. Pope 1991:   John Beloff 1992:   Jule Eisenbud 1993:   Karlis Osis 1994:   Emilio Servadio 1995:   Alan Gauld 1996:   William G. Roll ... More
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