Monday, October 24, 2011   10:36 PM

"Mind-body Connection, Parapsychological Phenomena and Spiritual Healing: A Review"

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D.

Atlantic University

This paper, in Spanish, was written by Ernesto Bonilla. It appeared in Investigación Clinica, a journal published in Venezuela.

Conexión Mente-Cuerpo, Fenómenos Parapsicológicos y Curación Espiritual. Revisión [Mind-Body Connection, Parapsychological Phenomena and Spiritual Healing: A Review. Investigación Clinica, 2010, 51, 209-238.

Abstract from the paper:

 Evidence regarding the influence of the mind on the body is abundant. Several mind-body healing procedures are currently being used, among them hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, visualizations, management of emotions and prayer. Since the Big Bang, we are entangled with everything.
This interaction would let individuals to communicate with the minds and bodies of others. The field of parapsychological research has provided a lot of information about significant events, including apparitions, communications with the dead, near-death experiences and out of the body experiences. It looks apparently evident, that consciousness can persist in the absence of brain function. According to the model that assumes that it is consciousness and not matter, the base of everything that exists, what survives after death is the “quantum monad” or spirit. It is said that spiritual cures are practiced by discarnate physicians who diagnose and prescribe conventional treatments, but very often they use unknown procedures based on the management of energy fields that are currently being studied by many physicists. Representative examples of the practice of spiritual medicine were the mediums Ze Arigo, George Chapman, Barbara Guerrero (Pachita) and presently the Brazilian medium John of God. Case reports of paranormal phenomena observed and studied by honest and serious scientists are very important for the advancement of parapsychology, because it has not been clearly established which approach, the qualitative or the quantitative, is more useful for the development of this field.

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