Wednesday, May 4, 2011   4:00 PM

Psychic Experiences, Absorption, and Dreams

Here is an abstract of a paper I published with Nancy L. Zingrone in the Puerto Rican psychology journalCiencias de la Conducta (Sciences of Behavior).

Alvarado, C.S., & Zingrone, N.L. (2010). Variables relacionadas con experiencias parapsicológicas: La absorción y los sueños [Variables related to parapsychological experiences: Absorption and dreams].Ciencias de la Conducta, 25, 115-137.


Two questionnaire studies were conducted with Puerto Rican participants to assess the relationship of parapsychological experiences to absorption, and vivid and lucid dreams. It was hypothesized that there would be a positive and significant relationship between absorption and specific parapsychological experiences, as well as with a combined measure of parapsychological experiences. We also hypothesized a positive and significant relationship between the index of parapsychological experiences and vivid and lucid dreams. The questionnaire used included parapsychological, absorption (Tellegen’s Absorption Scale), and other experiences items arranged randomly. All the hypotheses were confirmed for the first study, and partially for the second one. The results suggest that parapsychological experiences are related to the same cognitive processess found on absorption experiences, in dreams, and in other experiences.

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