Friday, March 3, 2017   6:51 PM

Call for papers: Journal of Parapsychology

The Journal of Parapsychology (founded in 1937 at Duke University, and indexed in PsycInfo and Scopus) invites submissions relevant to research on the psi hypothesis and relevant areas, including the domain of anomalous experiences and alterations of consciousness. All relevant disciplines, including psychology, physics, biology, but also history, anthropology and other social sciences and humanities are within the purview of the journal. Quantitative, qualitative, mixed and other empirical methods, whether supporting the psi hypothesis or not, are welcome, as well as new theoretical contributions. Authors of contributions only published as PA Proceedings or not published at all are encouraged to submit their papers.

With respect to statistics, authors should report not only p values but also effect sizes when relevant. Although not mandatory at present, preregistration of studies, meta-analytical analyses, and supplementary approaches to hypothesis testing statistics are recommended.

With respect to qualitative, mixed, and/or systematic case studies, the authors should not spend space justifying their approach but instead describe how they established the validity and reliability of their data and analyses. All authors reporting new data should also include a section describing demographic data and attitudes about the psi hypothesis (when relevant) of those interacting with participants or having other important roles in the study. When relevant to a paper, a thorough literature review is expected and should be described in the manuscript.

Manuscripts and references must be meticulously prepared in accordance with the American Psychological Publication Manual, 6th ed. (there are various online summary guidelines of it) and must be written in good, but not stilted, English (some authors might consider using an academic professional editing service before submitting their papers).

I look forward to receiving your manuscript which, for the time being, should be sent to

Etzel Cardeña, Ph. D., Thorsen Professor in Psychology, Lund University, Sweden (incoming JP editor)

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