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Call for Chapters: Is There Life After Death? Vol. 2


Call for Chapters

Is There Life After Death? Vol. 2: Case Studies

Edited by Dr Leo Ruickbie and Robert McLuhan for the Society for Psychical Research


It is one of the fundamental questions that everyone will ask themselves, but in an age of global pandemics, with the increasing challenge to once universal religious certainties and the growing partisan stranglehold on information, the question ‘what happens to the human personality after death?’ takes on renewed urgency to seek answers from every discipline of knowledge, from history to computer science.

This book continues where Volume 1 left off by narrowing the focus to single case studies to build a uniquely valuable reference series, reflecting the state-of-the-art of research. As with Vol. 1, contributions are invited from historians, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, parapsychologists, philosophers, medical researchers and other experts.

Several key researchers have already agreed to contribute, including the President of the Society for Psychical Research, Prof. Chris Roe, the host of New Thinking Allowed Dr Jeffrey Mishlove, Dr Jane Katra, leading reincarnation researcher Dr James G. Matlock, the well-known author and former editor of Psychic News Roy Stemman and the SPR’s Archivist Dr Melvyn Willin.

This book project is being conducted under the auspices of the Society for Psychical Research. Established in 1882, the SPR is the world’s oldest, largest and most reputable organisation for the scientific study of what we now call the ‘paranormal’. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to contribute to a project of fundamental importance and a unique chance to join the SPR’s long tradition of open-minded inquiry.


This book will focus solely on case studies that present the best evidence for the survival of the human personality after death.

Proposed contributions will be expected to be rigorously researched cases. These can be new or historical, as long as original and significant findings are presented.

Submissions will be invited that cover the range of ‘life after death’ evidential categories, which will, to an extent, mirror the structure of Vol. 1 and provide continuity of reference, for example:

• after-death communication;

• mediumship;

• haunt-type experiences;

• near-death experiences;

• reincarnation.


In addition to being academically rigorous, the tone of the book will be accessible, aiming to create a readable and interesting volume that will appeal to non-academic, as well as academic audiences. Full scholarly apparatus (notes, bibliography) will be required.


Individual chapters will be expected to be 4,000 words in length. The book will be c.100,000 words in length, featuring approx. 25 contributions.


Send an abstract of 300 words plus brief biography to Dr Leo Ruickbie at


Deadline for chapters: 1 October 2021. Deadline for abstracts: 30 April 2021, but please apply early.

Any questions by email, please.

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