Glossary of Psi


A Ghost Psychic Photography
Agent Goat Psychic Surgery
Alpha H Psychokinesis
Altered State/States of Consciousness Hallucination Psychokinetic Metal-Bending
Anomalistic Psychology Haunting Psychometry
Anomalous Healing; Psychic Psychotronics
Anomaly Hypnagogic State Q
ANPSI Hynopompic State Qualitative Experiment
Apparition Hypnosis Quantitative Experiment
Astral Body
Astral Travel


Intuition Random Number Generator (RNG)
  J Reading
B Judging Receiver
Biofeedback K Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis
Allobiofeedback Kirlian Photography Reincarnation
Bio-PK L Remote Viewing
C Levitation Associational Remote Viewing
Chance Lucid Dream Retroactive PK

Luminous Phenomena





Clairvoyant Meditation Sensitive
Coincidence; In the Paranormal Mentalism Shaman
Cold Reading Metal-Bending Sheep
Control Micro-PK Super Sheep (or White Sheep)
Crisis Apparition Mini-Geller Sheep Goat Effect (SGE)
Cross-Correspondences Muscle-Reading Spontaneous Case
D Mystical Experience Subliminal
Deja-Vu N Survival
Dermo-Optical Perception Near Death Experience (NDE) Synchronicity
Diagnosis; Paranormal O T
Dissociation Occult Latent Telepathy
Divination Out-Of-Body Experience (OBE) Precognitive Telepathy
Doppelganger P Thoughtography
Dowsing ESP Projection Thought-Transference
Dream; Veridical Paranormal Trance
E Parapsychological Trance Personality
Ectoplasm Parapsychology Transliminality
Electroencephalograph (EEG) Past Life Regression V
Electroencephalography Percipient Veridical
Electronic Voice Phenomena Photography; Paranormal Z
ESP PK Zener Cards
ESP Cards Poltergeist  
Exceptional Human Experience Precognition  
Experimenter Effect Premonition  

Extra Sensory Perception

Faith Healing PSI-Conducive  
Fantasy Proneness PSI-Hitting  
G PSI-Missing  
Ganzfeld PSI Phenomenon  
Manuel Ganzfeld Psychic(al)  
Auto Ganzfeld Psychical Research  
Geller Effect Psychic Archeology  
General Extrasensory Perception Psychic Healing  


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Last Updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
As popularly used, this term denotes only the apparition of a deceased person, and is not sufficiently precise for use in psychical research . [Ashby, 1972] More

General Extrasensory Perception (GESP)

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
A non-committal technical term used to refer to instances of extrasensory perception in which the information paranormally acquired may have been derived either from another person’s mind (that is, as telepathy ), or from a physical event or state ... More

Geller Effect

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
The ability to bend metal by paranormal means; named after the Israeli stage performer Uri Geller, who was the first person to claim publicly the metal-bending ability; the term has been largely superseded by “PK-MB,” or, more simply, ... More

Auto Ganzfeld

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
An implementation of the ganzfeld technique in which many of the key procedural details, such as selection and presentation of the target and the recording of the evaluation of the target-response similarity given by the percipient are fully automated ... More

Manual Ganzfeld

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
The use of the word "manual" refers to the fact that the target selection is carried out by manual access to computer or random number tables as well as the fact that all the important events in the experiment are recorded by hand. ... More


Term referring to a special type of environment (or the technique for producing it) consisting of homogenous, unpatterned sensory stimulation: audiovisual ganzfeld may be accomplished by placing translucent hemispheres (for example, halved ping-pong ... More


Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
A personality construct first described by Sheryl Wilson and Theodore Barber (1983, p. 340) to refer to a small percentage of the population “who fantasize a large part of the time, [and] who typically ‘see,’ ‘hear,’ ... More

Faith Healing

Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
See Healing , Psychic . More

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
The acquisition of information about, or response to, an external event, object or influence (mental or physical; past, present or future) otherwise than through any of the known sensory channels; used by J. B. Rhine to embrace such phenomena as ... More

ESP Cards

Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
A special deck of cards, developed by perceptual psychologist Karl Zener for use by J. B. Rhine in tests of extrasensory perception : a standard pack contains 25 cards, each portraying one of five symbols — circle, cross, square, star or wavy lines. ... More

Exceptional Human Experience

Expression coined by Rhea White (see, for example, 1994, p. 5) as “an umbrella term for many types of experience generally considered to be psychic , mystical , encounter-type experiences, death-related experiences, and experiences at the upper end ... More

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Phenomena first reported by Raymond Bayless and popularized by Konstantin Raudive, consisting of sounds said to be the faint voices of deceased individuals, recorded on previously unused magnetic tapes. More

Experimenter Effect

An experimental outcome which results not from manipulation of the variable of interest per se, but rather from some aspect of the particular experimenter’s behavior, such as unconscious communication to the subjects, or possibly even a ... More


A technique for amplifying and recording the fluctuations in electrical voltage in a living brain using electrodes attached to key positions on the person's head; this technique has proved to be particularly important for sleep-research (and thus ... More

Electroencephalograph (EEG)

Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
The mechanical device employed in the technique which known as electroencephalography . More
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