Glossary of Psi


A Ghost Psychic Photography
Agent Goat Psychic Surgery
Alpha H Psychokinesis
Altered State/States of Consciousness Hallucination Psychokinetic Metal-Bending
Anomalistic Psychology Haunting Psychometry
Anomalous Healing; Psychic Psychotronics
Anomaly Hypnagogic State Q
ANPSI Hynopompic State Qualitative Experiment
Apparition Hypnosis Quantitative Experiment
Astral Body
Astral Travel


Intuition Random Number Generator (RNG)
  J Reading
B Judging Receiver
Biofeedback K Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis
Allobiofeedback Kirlian Photography Reincarnation
Bio-PK L Remote Viewing
C Levitation Associational Remote Viewing
Chance Lucid Dream Retroactive PK

Luminous Phenomena





Clairvoyant Meditation Sensitive
Coincidence; In the Paranormal Mentalism Shaman
Cold Reading Metal-Bending Sheep
Control Micro-PK Super Sheep (or White Sheep)
Crisis Apparition Mini-Geller Sheep Goat Effect (SGE)
Cross-Correspondences Muscle-Reading Spontaneous Case
D Mystical Experience Subliminal
Deja-Vu N Survival
Dermo-Optical Perception Near Death Experience (NDE) Synchronicity
Diagnosis; Paranormal O T
Dissociation Occult Latent Telepathy
Divination Out-Of-Body Experience (OBE) Precognitive Telepathy
Doppelganger P Thoughtography
Dowsing ESP Projection Thought-Transference
Dream; Veridical Paranormal Trance
E Parapsychological Trance Personality
Ectoplasm Parapsychology Transliminality
Electroencephalograph (EEG) Past Life Regression V
Electroencephalography Percipient Veridical
Electronic Voice Phenomena Photography; Paranormal Z
ESP PK Zener Cards
ESP Cards Poltergeist  
Exceptional Human Experience Precognition  
Experimenter Effect Premonition  

Extra Sensory Perception

Faith Healing PSI-Conducive  
Fantasy Proneness PSI-Hitting  
G PSI-Missing  
Ganzfeld PSI Phenomenon  
Manuel Ganzfeld Psychic(al)  
Auto Ganzfeld Psychical Research  
Geller Effect Psychic Archeology  
General Extrasensory Perception Psychic Healing  


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Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Paranormal acquisition of information concerning an object or contemporary physical event; in contrast to telepathy , the information is assumed to derive directly from an external physical source (such as a concealed photograph), and not from the mind ... More


A phenomenon in which, according to Arthur Hastings (1990, p. 99), “a person purports to transmit information or messages directly from a personality or consciousness other than his or her own, usually through automatic writing or trance speaking; ... More


The constellation of undefined causal factors which are considered to be irrelevant to the causal relationship under investigation; often spoken of as if it were a single, independent agency; the expression “pure chance” is sometimes used to ... More


Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Term used to refer to psychokinetic effects brought about on living systems; examples of such effects would be the paranormal speeding up or slowing down of the sprouting of seeds or of the growth of bacteria, the resuscitation of anæsthetized ... More


Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Term used by William G. Braud (1978) to denote the situation in which one subject, A, is attempting to influence, psychokinetically , the physiological processes of another person, B, aided by biofeedback to A concerning those processes in B. [From the ... More


Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
A technique which enables a person to monitor on-going changes in one of their own physiological processes; as a result of such information, the individual may be able to acquire some degree of control in regulating internal processes normally outside ... More


A field of subtle, multicolored, luminous radiations said to surround living bodies as a halo or cocoon; the term is occasionally used to refer to the normal electromagnetic field forces surrounding the body. [Latin, from the Greek, “breath of ... More

Astral Travel

Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
See Astral Projection under Out of Body Experience . More

Astral Body

An entity said to be an exact, quasi-physical replica or “double” of the individual physical body, which can separate itself from the physical body, either temporarily, as in dreaming or in the out-of-the-body experience , or permanently, at ... More


Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
An experience usually visual but sometimes in other sense-modalities in which there appears to be present a person or animal (deceased or living) and even inanimate objects such as carriages and other things, who/which is in fact out of the sensory range ... More


Term coined by J. B. Rhine to refer to psi ability in non-human animals. [Contraction of “animal psi”]  More


Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Neutral term applied to a phenomenon which implies that the phenomenon is unexpected according to conventional scientific knowledge, but which does not commit the user to any particular type of explanation; sometimes sometimes preferred to “ ... More


Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Having the quality of an anomaly .  More

Anomalistic Psychology

Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Term first used by Leonard Zusne and Warren Jones (1982) to indicate that part of psychology that investigates “anomalistic” psychological phenomena, that is, phenomena which have tended to be explained in terms of the paranormal , the ... More

Altered State(s) of Consciousness (ASC)

Last Updated: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Expression popularized by Charles T. Tart which can refer to virtually any mental state differing from that of the normal waking condition; of parapsychological interest as possibly psi-conducive states ; they include dreaming, hypnosis , trance , ... More
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