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Marcelo Eremián

Location: Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, Spain

About Me

Marcelo Eremian, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1981.

Researcher, his expertise is in the field of Paranormal Psychology and non-ordinary states of consciousness.
His area of interest are emotional reactions to various abnormal psychic experiences, their ability to address them, working their processing and integration.

Since 2013,  he represents Alejandro Parra´s "Paranormal Psychology Institute" (IPP) from Argentina, in Spain. More information is available in the "Paranormal Psychology Institute in Spain" (IPP-E) web page:

 Constantly participates in conferences, teaches courses and workshops for professionals, students and the general public interested in gaining deeper insight into anomalous / paranormal experiences in many cities in Argentina and Spain.

From the field research, his line of work has taken him to lead and organize various development studies and research in parapsychology, addressing many cases.

His articles have been published in prestigious specialized national and international journals, and various websites have spread their work.

He had attended a academic course at the Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI) in Buenos Aires, (Argentina);

"Psicología Paranormal" : ¿Cómo orientar a personas con experiencias paranormales? 

[Paranormal Psychology: ¿How to counsel people who have had paranormal experiences?]. This course is conducted by the PhD in Psychology Alejandro Parra.

He has also studied and performed practices at the Paranormal Psychology Institute
founded by Mr. Alejandro Parra, receiving the rank of Parapsychology Professor (2009) also achieved several studies in :

- Transpersonal Psychology
- Clinical Parapsychology
- Interpretation of dreams
- Altered States of Consciousness
- Hypnosis
- Meditation
- Ganzfeld Method
- Psicomanteum
- Mediumship

Actively participates in interviews consulted by various media interested in advising and making documentaries and other related reports anomalous nature experiences.

He has attended various conferences, seminars and debates on the field of parapsychology and other related disciplines, including:

* He has participated in July the last 58th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association and 39th Society for Psychical Research International Annual Conference, at the University of Greenwich, where he presented a “Comparative Study on Phenomenological Aspects in Recurrent Apparitional Experiences”.

* He has participated in the International Forum of Parapsychology in Madrid and San Sebastian. Spain. August and October 2015.

* He has participated in the Iº Congress of Parapsychology in Pamplona. Spain, August 2013.

* He has participated in the Congress of Parapsychologyin Pamplona, (Spain). August 2013.

- Ecology of ecstasy: Folk Medicine, Shamanism and significance in Latin America (2013).

- The Scourge Devil: Possession and Exorcism up from mental disorder and spiritual liberation (2012).

- Touched by God: Different looks of mystical experience (2011)

- Other Lives: Reincarnations from cultural multiperspectivas (2010).

- Extraordinary Visions: extrasensory perception to solidarity service (2009).

- Third Meeting PSI 1998 PSI Consciousness and borders of scientific exploration.

- Third Meeting PSI 1997: Interaction between consciousness, matter and energy.

- Second Meeting PSI 1996: Contributions of modern psychology Parapsychology.

At present, resides in Spain, working in his first book.

Deputy links of my interests in various media: 

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