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Andrew Nichols

Location: Gainesville, Florida, United States of America

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Andrew Nichols is a psychologist, parapsychologist, and investigator of hauntings, poltergeist cases and other paranormal phenomena. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Parapsychological Association, and the Society for Psychological Hypnosis. Andrew has been a psychology professor for many years and is currently adjunct faculty (parapsychology) at Santa Fe College and professor of abnormal psychology at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, Florida. He is the founding director of the American Institute of Parapsychology.

During his 30 year career, Nichols has investigated more than 600 reported cases of ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists, and conducted studies in telepathy, precognition, and paranormal dream experiences. He has written numerous articles on paranormal experiences for popular magazines and his scientific papers on the paranormal have been published in a number of scientific journals.

Andrew has presented lectures and workshops on paranormal topics at colleges and conferences throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, and is the author or editor of sixteen books on paranormal topics ranging from hauntings to UFOs.

As a media consultant on paranormal topics, Andrew has appeared on numerous TV and Radio programs in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. He has investigated alleged poltergeist disturbances for government agencies and law enforcement, including The United States Army, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Daytona Beach Police Department. In 1999 he was co-recipient of a grant to study haunting and poltergeist cases.

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