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Location: Redondo Beach, CA, United States of America

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My background and extensive experience is in scientific research, development, application & management of high-end technologies. I am is committed to promote scientific inquiry for rigorous exploration of anomalous phenomena, investigations of subtle energies in the experience of consciousness/human potential and to integrate this new knowledge into a more encompassing and whole model of science. In particular, I am extremely interested in the workings of the human body/mind/spirit, and specifically in bioenergetics, qi cultivation, spiritual practices, etc.,as a sort of a "road map" to our innner workings and particular as they relate to experiencing "anomalous" events and  how to better understand how we can reach our optimum potentials.

Science, at present, is overwhelmingly driven by  objective methodologies, causing a sort of myopia when looking at "unexplicable/paranormal" events. I'm guided by Goethe’s more subjective scientific methods, though pushed aside by the dominant Newtonian objective science, these are equally enduring and valid as we move forward in balancing our subjective and objective views of the world around us. Only through this amalgamation of apparently anomalous events, random, yet, synchronous, with those which are the standard “predictable and the repeatable”, can we begin to fully develop our understanding of the inherent nature of the inter-connectivity of knowledge. This objective/subjective duality must be balanced out in order to reap the vastness of extraordinary human experiences, many, totally unrepeatable and exceedingly extraordinary. 

I am presently working with Dr, Gabriel Felley, See Synchronicity, as a principle, stipulates that two events may be linked together not only by a causal chain but also because they create meaning. The I Ching (aka Yi Jing) is a cosmological and philosophical system more than three thousand years ago used to improve the decision-making processes by integrating non-rational dimensions, which may be assimilated to a kind of precognition into evaluating various options.  I've posted in this forum the details for our Call for Participants.


Thank you.

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