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Fotini Pallikari

Location: Athens, Greece

About Me

I graduated from the School of Physics and Mathematics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and obtained my Master’s and PhD degrees in Sciences from the Laser Group of the Physics Department of Victoria University in Manchester, UK.

I have about 40 years of teaching experience at the Physics Department of the School of Sciences at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens during which I taught a variety of Physics and Math courses, among which the course “Quantum Optics and Lasers” for a period of over 15 years.

Having obtained the Perrott-Warrick scholarship for research in parapsychology at Cambridge UK in 1990, I began my research investigating the microPK phenomenon using Helmut Schmidt’s RNG machines. I have collaborated with Nobel Laureate Physicist Professor Brian Josephson on consciousness-related topics.

I have been attending both the PA, SSE, and the British Society for Psychical Research conferences since 1991 as well as presenting my research work in microPK both at the PA, SSE, and the SPR conferences.

I have now retired  from the University as an Associate Professor in Physics. Recent project to promote the history of Greek Parapsychology represented by Dr. Angelos Tanagras:

My personal website is at

A list of my publications:

A summary of my work in Parapsychology:


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[13]. (2016) Fotini Pallikari editing and annotating the book of the autobiography of Dr. Angelos Tanagras available at:

[14] Society for Psychical Research Encyclopedia:

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[17] (2021) Fotini Pallikari, Angelos Tanagras. An experiment to test survival. Journal of Anomalistics, (JAnom) Volume 21, pp. 223–242.


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Dear Jean As I haven't yet read the full length of your interesting paper, so I have a couple of questions on your above description. I am sure you have the answers which you could kindly forward to me. "For instance, the action of consciousness could ... more
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