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Location: Sebastopol, California, United States of America

About Me

Gail Hayssen's perceptive and intuitive abilities were first recognized when, as a teenager, she did medical diagnosis in the Mind Dynamics program with Werner Erhard. In the late 1990s Gail began to participate in experiments with Dr. Dean Radin, Russell Targ and Ed May at Interval Research, and has continued work with Radin at The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Gail has been a subject, participant, or co-author in numerous experiments and publications.
Targ says of her, “Gail has collaborated with me in various psychic endeavors for more than a decade. She shows her remarkable abilities in formal studies of clairvoyance and precognition in our work.” Dr. Radin says, "In another time and place, she would undoubtedly be a shaman or medicine woman. Her life has been saturated with spontaneous psychic experiences, which she has also demonstrated in the laboratory. I look forward to seeking her advice and skills in future studies of these exceptional abilities.”

Hayssen's publications include: 1) Radin, D., Hayssen, G., et al. (2006) "Double-Blind Test of the Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation." In: Explore Vol. 2 No.5, Sept./Oct. 2006. 2) Radin, D., Hayssen, G. & Walsh, J. (2007) "Effects of Intentionally Enhanced Chocolate on Mood," In: Explore Vol.3 No. 5, Sept./Oct. 2007. 3) Radin, D., Hayssen, G., et al. (2008) "Compassionate Intention as a Therapeutic Intervention by Partners of Cancer Patients: Effects of Distant Intention on the Patients' Autonomic Nervous System." In: Explore, Vol. 4. No.4, July/Aug. 2008.
Links to her papers can be found on: .

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