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John G. Kruth

Location: Durham, NC, United States of America

About Me

I am the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center and the founder and Education Director of theRhine Education Center.

I have been a member of the Rhine research team since 2009, and am currently working on a number of research projects related to:

  • macro and micro PK,
  • healing methodologies and their effects,
  • bioenergy and other physical factors that correlate with psi experiences,
  • Applications and evaluation of Remote Viewing, and
  • GESP protocols and experimental methods.

My background in technology has led me to provide the Rhine with the tools necesary to become a more global, online organization that maintains a web presence, hosts an archive of the Journal of Parapsychology online, presents online educational events, sponsors the online Rhine Education Center, and maintains a media library of talks by speakers who have come to the Rhine since 2011.

I can be contacted at the Rhine ( or by writing

Selected Publications

Kruth, J.G. (2018). An exploration of the effects of mood and emotion on a real-world working computer system and network environment. Proceedings of the Parapsychological Association Conference – 2018. Petaluma, CA.

Kruth, J.G. (2018). Associative remote viewing for profit: Evaluating the importance of the judge and investment instrument. Proceedings of the Conference for the Society for Scientific Exploration and the International Remote Viewing Association – 2018. Las Vegas, NV.

Kruth, J.G. & Joines, W.T. (2016). Taming the ghost within: An approach toward addressing apparent electronic poltergeist activity. Journal of Parapsychology. 80(1). pp. 70-86.

Kruth, J.G. (2016). Developing an experimental methodology for apparent exceptional PK participants. Proceedings of the Parapsychological Association Conference - 2016. Concord, CA.
Tressoldi, P.E., Pederzoli, L., Ferrini, A., Mateoli, M., Melloni, S., Prati, E., & Kruth, J.G. (2016). Can Our Minds Emit Light at Distance? A Pre-registered Confirmatory Experiment of Mental Entanglement with a Photomultiplier. NeuroQuantology, 14(3), pp. 447-455, DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.3.906

Kruth, J.G. (2015). Five qualitative research approaches and their applications in parapsychology. Journal of Parapsychology. 79(2). pp. 219-233.

Tressoldi, P. E., Pederzoli, L. Ferrini, A., Matteoli, M., Melloni, S., and Kruth, J.G. (2015) Can our Mind Emit Light? Mental Entanglement at Distance with a Photomultiplier. Available at SSRN: or

Tressoldi, P. E., Pederzoli, L., Caini, P., Ferrini, A., Melloni, S., Richeldi, D., Richeldi, F., Kruth, J.G., (2014) Mental Interaction at Distance on a Photomultiplier: A Pilot Study. Available at SSRN: or

Joines, W.T., Baumann, S., & Kruth, J.G. (2012). Electromagnetic emissions from humans during focused intent. Journal of Parapsychology. 76(2). pp. 275-294.

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