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Location: Grottaferrata, Rome, Italy

About Me

Massimo Biondi, (Rome, Italy, 1952–) former M.D. and now science writer, is director of Gestioni e Servizi Editoriali, a company devoted to communication and publishing. On medical topics, he authored and co-authored more than one hundred articles and papers, and six books.

Engaged in parapsychological research from the end of 1970s, he performed experimental researches (following Rhine’s procedures with Zener cards and dice), inquires and field studies on “spontaneous cases”. From 1980s he interested at historical topics, and in this area he performed some research, sometimes along with other authors. He has participated in national and international conferences; spoken on radio and television programs; and taught courses. He is now editor-in-chief of the Italian journalQuaderni di Parapsicologia.

Books and Chapters

Tavoli e Medium (Gremese, Rome, 1988) a history of Spiritualism in Italy during the XX century.

La Ricerca Psichica (Il Minotauro, Rome, 2003), an introductory book to parapsychology.

Misteriose Presenze (Mondadori, Milan, 2004), on the haunting phenomenon.

Trasformazioni (Mondadori, Milan, 2005), about the “quantum change”, as a possible explanation of the sudden personality changes considered by the parapsychology.

Parapsicologia, co-authored with Patrizio Tressoldi (Il Mulino, Bologna, 2006), an overview of the history and results of the experimental parapsychology.

“L’occulto portato in evidenza: teatri, giornali, tribunali”, in: Le case “infestate” fra palcoscenici e tribunali, with excerpts from Francesco Zingaropoli’s and Cesare Lombroso’s books, edited by Gabriele Mina (Besa Editrice, Nardò, 2008, pp. 84–96), to show how was psychical research done in the nineteenth century Italy, when dedicated laboratories lacked.

“Spiritualism in Italy: The opposition of the Catholic Church”, in: C. M. Moreman (Ed.).The Spiritualist Movement: Speaking with the Dead in America and around the World. Vol. 1:American Origins and Global Proliferation. Prager, Santa Barbara, Denver & Oxford, 2013, pp. 37-53.

Selected articles

August 2013. Convention of the Parapsychological Association in Viterbo. A pre-vision.Metapsichica2013; 48; 7-13.

“Glimpses of Eternity. Shared Death Experiences. A new class of anomalous experiences.” (book review)Journal of Scientific Exploration 2012; 26(1): 194–198.

“Dei fenomeni di psicocinesi in relazione a eventi di morte.” Luce e Ombra 2012; 112(3): 311–322.

“Quando le NDE fanno paura.” Luce e Ombra 2012; 112(2): 157–166.

“Incontri personali con le NDE.” Luce e Ombra 2012; 112(1): 61–70.

“Il Vardøgr. Sensazioni di preannuncio di un arrivo.” Quaderni di Parapsicologia 2012; 44(1): 67–77.

“Cambiamenti di vita dopo l’NDE.” Luce e Ombra 2011; 111(3): 261–268.

“NDE. La cognizione dell’ambiente.” Luce e Ombra 2011; 111(2): 157–167.

“I primi anni della ricerca sulle NDE.” Luce e Ombra 2011; 111(1): 65–75.

“Sulla natura del poltergeist.” Quaderni di Parapsicologia 2011; 43(1): 44–56.

“The strange case of the Marquis’ transportation.” Psypioneer 2009; 5(10): 328–333.

“Defining the picture: A pragmatic approach to the non-recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis cases.” In:Proceedings of the Presented Papers at the 8th European Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration “Frontiers of Biology and Contemporary Physics”, Viterbo August 13–16, 2009.

“Marco Levi Bianchini: A forgotten Italian supporter of parapsychology.” Journal of Scientific Exploration 2009; 23: 323–328.

(second author, with Alvarado, C.S.) “Enrico Morselli’s forgotten bibliography.”Psypioneer 2008;4(8): 190–192.

“Francesco Orioli e il ‘meraviglioso’”. Intersezioni 2006; 26(2): 233–250.

(second author, with Alvarado, C.S. & Kramer, W.) (2006). Historical notes on psychic phenomena in specialised journals.European Journal of Parapsychology 2006; 21: 58–87.

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