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Location: VIENNA, Austria

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Prof. Peter Mulacz is deeply interested in parapsychology since his earliest youth. He studied biology, psychology, and philosophy at Vienna University; he also had an extended study visit at the IGPP, Germany

His main interests in the field are ESP, makro-PK and Physical Mediumism, Mesmerism and Subtle Energies, Poltergeist cases (including counseling), philosophical aspects of issues such as OBE and "Survival vs. Living Agent Psi", and History of Parapsychology.

He joined the PA in 1991;
in 2004 he was Arrangements Chair of the 47th Convention of the PA held in Vienna;
currently he serves as a Board Member (now in his 2nd term).

He is the International Liaison for Austria of the PA and likewise the International Affiliate for Austria of the Parapsychology Foundation.

Since long, he is the President of the Austrian Society for Parapsychology and Frontier Areas of Science established in 1927.

Moreover, he is a Member of the Society for Psychical Research, London and a Board Member of the Austrian Society for the History of Science

He has carried out a number of research projects, some of them funded by the SVPP (now defunct), IGPP, Bial foundation, SPR (together with MR Barrington and Titus Rivas), and the PA’s Roller Fund (together with Stephan Braude).

During a total of nearly 10 years he spent in various countries of the Middle East he had ample opportunities to make observations in the field of ethno-parapsychology, particularly with Sufi groups, studying their techniques for achieving ASC as well as the phenomena occuring during their rituals (e.g. DCBD).

Formerly expert in parapsychology/fringe areas of psychology to the Austrian MOD, advising in military mental health issues such as belief in occult teachings, cults, and sects as possible threats to the Armed Forces.

He is a lecturer in Parapsychology at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna (Faculty for Psychotherapeutics)

Several of his more recent publications may be found at

Presentations at PA Conventions:

  • 1991: Short History of Parapsychology in Austria. (Workshop "History of Parapsychology")
  • 1998: Eleonore Zugun – the Re-evaluation of a Historic RSPK Case. (Full Paper)
  • 2000: History of Parapsychology in Austria – Notes for a History of Parapsychological Developments in Austria. (Full Paper)
  • 2001: Biology, Vitalism and the 'Golden Era' of Continental European Parapsychology. (Full Paper)
  • 2004: Strange People – Rare Events. How Science deals with Small Sample Sizes. (Full Paper)
    Physical Mediumship. Open Questions from the Past - A Challenge for the Future. (Panel "Perspectives in the Study of Mediumship.")
  • 2006: Importance of "Survival" Research - Summary Sheet. (Panel "Importance of 'Survival' Research")
    Basic Issues of the "Survival" Question. (Panel "Importance of 'Survival' Research")
  • 2007: Christoph Schröder (1871-1952): the Hub of a Parapsychological Network. (Panel "Forgotten Pioneers of Parapsychology")
  • 2013: Preface: On “Historical Parapsychology” (Workshop "History of Parapsychology")
    Albert, Baron Schrenck-Notzing (1862–1929) – Life and Work. Tracking the Formative Forces of Life. (Workshop "History of Parapsychology")
  • 2015: Methodological Issues of Research in the Field of Physical Mediumism - General Considerations triggered by the Case of Kai Muegge (Felix Circle). (Full Paper)
  • 2017: The “Vienna Circle” and Parapsychology. (Full Paper)
  • 2019: Thomas Mann and Physical Mediumism. (Research Brief)

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