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Location: Durham, NC, United States of America

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Born May 7, 1934, Harvard BA Mathematics 1956, earned a living mostly as a computer programmer and creator of software systems for 20 years, off and on. In the rest of my time: Set out to design a new civilization 1955. Succeeded 1967 with the discovery of the psychological age of puberty. Self-published RE-EDUCATING MYSELF: AN INTRODUCTION TO A NEW CIVILIZATION 1985, describing the experience. Self-published "Uncle Bobby's Record," 1974, a collection of my original songs. Self-published THE MENTAL ENVIRONMENT: (MOSTLY ABOUT MIND POLLUTION) 2007, defining "the mental environment" and "mind pollution." Published "The Self- Steering Process" in DREAM NETWORK BULLETIN and "Faster than Western Union" in DREAM NETWORK JOURNAL. Presented "The Self-Steering Process" at the ASD Conference in 1991 and "The Mental Senses" at the IASD Conference in 2006. Moved to Durham, NC 2009 to become a volunteer at the Rhine Research Center, Business Manager of the JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY. Published "Physicalism," Guest Editorial in the JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY Vol. 77 No.2. Presented same at PA Conference 2014. 2014-2017 working on another book, DIRTY SCIENCE: HOW UNSCIENTIFIC METHODS ARE BLOCKING OUR CULTURAL ADVANCEMENT.



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