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Rosemarie Pilkington

Location: Staten Island, NY, United States of America

About Me

BA Music Hunter College

MS Education Brooklyn College

Ph.D. Psychology Saybrook Institute

Selected Publications:

Pilkington, R. (2010, 1987). Esprit: Men and Women of Parapsychology: Personal Reflections, Volume 1,  (Ed.), Anomalist Books, San Antonio/New York. 

Pilkington, R. (2006). The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof:  The Enigma of Seance Phenomena. Anomalist Books, San Antonio/New York.

Pilkington, R. (2013). Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections, Esprit, Volume 2. (Ed) Anomalist Books, San Antonia/New York.

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