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Location: PANTIN, France

About Me

- Early beginnings, mid 1970s, Maimonides Div. of Psychophysics and Parapsychology (the Dream Lab)

- Continued at Princeton's Psychophysical Research Labs (PRL), directed by Chuck Honorton. Worked on the design of the AutoGanzfeld (especially moving target conception), as well as data collection; Also started work  on gamelike microPK software

-  Got my PhD from Adelphi University (awarded 1982); for my thesis work, designed and conducted a rather complex microPK experiment at PRL; the ambition being to associate microPK effects to different parameters associated with consciousness (awareness, intention and feedback).

- Moved to France in 1985 with PA member Christine Hardy. We started a small psi laboratory and conducted some microPK research. Published a general public book on scientific parapsychology (La Rationalit√© de l'Irrationnel). Also further developed gamelike microPK software -  eventually leading to the creation of an educational general public CDROM named Psi Explorer (developed with the generous support of the Odier Foundation in Switzerland).

- In 1997 I was elected President of the Institut Metapsychique International or IMI (established in 1919) the French equivalent of the SPR . Re-organized the IMI and have sought to bring on board practically every french scholar or researcher seriously interested in parapsychology. With the help of the new Board, we have progressively gotten the IMI back on the map, both locally and internationally, as the recognized educational / research center of France (see : 

- Served on the PA Board a number of times and was elected PA President in 2002.

- Hosted 2 PA Conventions (2002, 2010) in Paris, as well as a number of EuroPAs.

- Currently, at the IMI, we"re working on a GESP protocol based on altered-state induction and immersive technologies. 

- Other than parapsychology... Since 1993 I'm a consultant and trainer in Creative Problem Solving and participative innovation methodologies. I've worked for about 100 organizations in the private or public sector (see:


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