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Janice Simpson

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States of America

About Me

comfortable yoga braJanice is yoga and a health buff. She works as a gym instructor in one of the most prestigious fitness gym in Nevada. She has been in this industry for over five years now. She discovered yoga three years ago and was hooked into it. Doing yoga is a pure bliss, a relaxation and a time to forget other things in this world. Aside from yoga she is also into boxing, bicycling, swimming and skydiving. She does this not just for but for fitness as well, well, she admits that it’s mostly for fun with added benefits. Having a very active life does not make her forget to look good in a dress or a garment that she wears. When not hitting the gym or not doing any sports, she spends some time in shopping for cute dress and of course, sexy, chic yet comfortable yoga bra and sportswear.

Janice believes that having this lifestyle should not make her forget how to look good while sweating it all out – perhaps one can still look cute and stylish. Currently she is fond of shopping online and had discovered many good shopping websites but was especially fond of a specific brand that has high quality, very stylish but is budget friendly (click here to view the website's products).

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Friday, March 15, 2013

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