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Location: Dunmore, Alberta, United States of America

About Me

She is a blogger for Wedding Star. Before she decided to leap to her career, she worked as a wedding planner and a wedding designer in a business. The only reason she pushes to be a great artist in this field is because of her love in designing. Though she never left the art theatre she pursue to be one of the best. This is one of her reasons why her current work seems easy for her, but there is a little spice compared to her previous work. It is her ultimate joy to help people to have a wonderful and unforgettable wedding ever. During her spare time, she enjoys spending it with friends and loved ones.

Interesting Facts About Her Work wedding star

Weddingstar does not only provide wedding items, they personally design and produce most of the wedding accessories that they market. They specialize in manufacturing products that include wedding cake toppers, wedding centerpieces,wedding ceremony decorations, personalized aisle runners, ribbons and several wedding favors that perfectly suit to everybody's variety of needs.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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