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Location: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

About Me

Sharon is an online marketer for Ivet, the trusted online pet store in the UK. She is a pet lover who owned more than a dozen of animals at home. Her favorite pet was named Kylie, a Golden Retriever who loves to pose on photos and never cease chasing butterflies. Aside from her job, she also likes to join online pet forums and discuss with the pet lovers around the globe the issues about their pets, specifically health issues. She also likes to give advices based on her experiences and knowledge in treating pet's condition. Moreover, she also likes to participate in the online photography forums and feature her own Kylie. She got talents in photography and was hailed to the best at it. In her marketing career, she is honest and hardworking. She makes sure that her job was done well before she called it a day. She maintains the company vision in bridging and connecting pet owners to their problems, solving the issues with their pets as well as giving advices on how to overcome them. She writes about pet ailment treatment and medicines like Horse Vaccinations and more.
About the company where she works...
Horse Wormers
Ivet is an online certified store of Pet meds like Drontal and other veterinary products catering the health needs of the pets and animals such as dogs, cats, horses and cattle. Ivet sells tested products from reputable pharmaceuticals.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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