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Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States of America

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I suppose a little back story is in order. I am a high school grad with two years of college (criminal justice and accounting) under my belt. I left college to pursue my true passions - my art and spiritual awakening through extensive research. I am affiliated with the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential and the Society for Scientific Exploration. 

I am on a hunt for the truth. I am not the kind of person to take something at face value just because someone tells me it is the truth.  Most of my research is conducted with my nose in books, not just surfing the Internet for "relevant" information.  There is nothing like a good old fashioned book.  It is important for me to read and learn all that I can about the thing I am interested most in - becoming closer to the Father.

My problem with the entire "paranormal" (ugh) field is that it is not taken seriously as a scientific subject worth pursuing when everything about it screams "scientific". Perhaps that is an unfortunate result of the terminology associated with the phenomenon. (This information I have also posted in my note Introduction to Intranormalogy.) The prefix para- can be best defined, as it stands today, as experiences that lie outside the range of scientific explanation or natural laws. This is a fallacy, a misnomer, as the very nature of spirits fall within both, whether it is known or unknown laws. I detest the word "paranormal" and anything else para- associated with spirits, including parapsychology (another reason I haven't pursued a degree in that field). Why? Because I believe nothing is outside the realm of "science". It is merely something we have yet to be able to explain because the "scientific community" does not take it seriously.

Instead, I use the word Intranormal. Intra- is a prefix meaning within or inside. I have created this word to replace the traditional "paranormal" because I believe spirits, and the activity associated with them, to be within or inside the realm of science, as humans have come to call it, both discovered and undiscovered. Thus, the spiritual world is within or inside scientific and natural laws. Mainstream scientific communities have painstakingly avoided the subject for centuries, an unfortunate consequence merely of the terminology, due to the fallacious assumption that it violates the laws of physics. If you call it "paranormal" then yes, it does violate the laws of physics and it won't be taken seriously.

The basis behind Intranormalogy is the Conscious Energy Hypothesis.  Thomas Edison once said "I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter". It's intriguing that more than 100 years ago, prominent figures were pursuing the ideas that a human's "consciousness" lives on after the physical death. Many believe "spiritualism" is a new idea when, in fact, that could not be further from the truth. Spiritualism was developed, as far as I can tell, in the1800s, although the concept of life after death reaches back to ancient times. It is the notion that the human personality survives after bodily death.  Parapsychology, I believe, is the stepping stone to proving Conscious Energy Theory.  If parapsychology can "prove" human consciousness exists outside the body, it will lend credence to my research.

Because I am a the soon-to-be wife of a member of the military and mother of one, I am also a homemaker.  Unfortunately, while my knowledge is extensive, my access to valuable resources is lacking.  My hope is that my information is presented to the world for scrutiny and feedback.  I hope to join various organizations and associations soon.

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