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Location: Calgary AB, Alberta, United States of America

About Me

Learning what she loves most is the best time she spend in a day. Competence, perseverance and loving what she works aid her to be strong. Though their these things she never mention about how she love art most, like making new bracelets made of flowers. She wore a long story to make a unique and beautiful concept of flower bracelet. She comes from a family were flowers made in different products and through rearranging, it composes a different manufacture of bracelets. She as a writer and as blogger made herself to make a new story of becoming a designer. Flower bracelet thus teaches her to build a new one more importantly; to help others.

About her Work Sabona Bracelets

She is a writer for Sabona, a company that provides the world's magnificent magnetic bracelets, cable twist bracelets and copper magnetic bracelets. Magnetic bracelets are starting to be a much-loved amongst accessory enthusiasts. A piece of magnet therapy process, the putting on magnetic bracelets is known to reduce pain along the hand and wrist area, wherein it also introduced to be an alternative. She works in a company jewelry maker and designer that introduced a different kind that helps both health and vanity concerns. She writes most of it with knowledge of helping others.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

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