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Anthony Milhorn

Location: Piney Flats, Tennessee, United States of America

About Me

Anthony Gerald Milhorn is my full name and I was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee. I have lived in Tennessee nearly all of my life. I did move to Virginia for a year, to a small town called Rocky Mount. After the death of my grandmother, we moved back to Tennessee, home to Piney Flats, in July 1997.

Writing, as well as drawing (both in ink and pencil), is a favorite hobby of mine. While I can write poetry, I prefer prose. I am also learning photography and videography. I am a paranormal investigator and researcher in my spare time when not working, in school or writing. I have much experience working with computers, advanced measurement equipment, software analysis programs and frequently study scientific theories of quantum physics, Newtonian physics and biology/zoology.

In 2003, I founded my own science based study and research team called S.S.P.R.S. (Southern States Paranormal Research Society) which is my paranormal investigation and research team. We travel the south taking cases from people and businesses who feel they have experienced something unusual or may have what is termed classic haunting phenomena present. Most of the time there is a normal explanation but on occasion, we have found things that are unexplainable in terms of modern understanding.

SSPRS became the TAPS Family group for East Tennessee in October, 2007.

The TAPS Family of groups is a very elite and select group of scientifically minded investigation and research teams that was collected by TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, to study, research and investigate cases they themselves cannot get to. You may be familiar with TAPS from the hit televsion docudrama, Ghost Hunters, which airs on Syfy Channel every Wednesday at 9:00 PM.

I became interested in psychology as an offshoot of my paranormal research after spending years speaking to our clients, who report strange and unusual experiences that, in reality, could be related to mental disorders or psychosis. I also want to study human experience and cognition as well as memory and emotion. I was and remain fascinated by the work of Dr. Rhine from the former Duke University parapsychology lab, who established the first scientific lab to study parapsychological and ESP effects in controlled settings which still exists today as the Rhine Institute.

I have my own small library of books on parapsychology studies, case files, collections of legends and folklore from around the world, studies of various religions and mental states. With my degree, which I am currently studying for at Kaplan University, I hope to eventually work in a clinical setting as a counselor or clinical psychologist and further the advancement of parapsychology and our understanding of our world as well as the connection between psychic phenomena and mental illness.

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AIM Name: amilhorn2012
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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