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Clarrise Lemery

Location: Greer, North Carolina, United States of America

About Me

The fashion industry is one of the successful lines of business. This encompasses the production of clothing lines, shoes and other accessories. However, more than vanity, accessories such as hats and shoes caters to its more practical use. Clarisse, the profile owner, is a self confessed fashion conscious and a hat geek. She likes to mixin’ and matchin’ things to find out what looks best. Her work as an internet marketer for a site that offers a line up ofCustom Fitted Hats, fits her best and also gives her further insights about fashion trends in hats.

About Clarisse’ work

Caps, gives great additional details to any clothes. More over, it gives much needed protection form direct sunlight that are damaging to the skin, this idea provided the strong foundation for Capstoyou. Offering unique items such asCamo Hats among others, they cater to their vast clientele. They have every hat that adapts depending on one’s lifestyle and taste. More than fashion, this business aims to give their every customer the comfort they need in their hats.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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