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Location: Kandy Rd, Yakkala, Sri Lanka

About Me

1. 40 years a psychic with three mediums. who develops x-ray vision when given energy by the psychic.

2. Spirits of the dead people speaks through the medium when given energy with the help of a guiding spirit named Clevin from Andris mountains in America .

3.Guiding spirit Clevin gives the past births of a person with contemporary historical facts.

4.Guiding spirit uses ancient languages as Sanskrit and translate in to English and Sinhalese. Medium is a illiterate women. And spirit prescribes through her vernacular medicines when given energy.

5.Mediums can see and write stone inscriptions berried.

6.Guiding Spirit seems to be interested in ancient history of the world and gives many details through the medium.

7.Psychic uses to heal people with psychological defects through trance therapy with the help of the guiding spirit.

Papers or books written on

1.THE DEAD ARE ALIVE (Chapter x) - Harold Sherman , Arkansas - USA - 1983
                                                                    ( He wished to write another book " Great
                                                                    Drama of the Earth Bound Spirits " but his
                                                                    earlier death prevented it.His wife has
                                                                    returned the manuscript.)

2.PSYCHIC NEWS ENGLAND 1980 Jan - Has devoted front page to Psychic
Kaluaratchi's parapsychological experiments.

3.PSYCHIC NEWS ENGLAND 1982 Jan - President attends seance

4.TAPROBANE 1986 Nov - i) Strange Power of a Sri Lankan
                                                    Researcher .
                                               ii) Evidence for Reincarnation

5.WFB Bangkok 1980 Nov

6.Indian Mahabodhi mag 1979 Nov

7.After seen the experiments conducted with the medium late Dr.Hans Hosler suggested to publish a book through Psychic News England.

8.Over hundred articles have been published in many Sihalese and English papers by various people.

9. Late dr. Hudson Silva chairman of the world eye bank confirmed the ability to see with blind fold eye when in an different state of consciousness  There are other psychic abilities. 







































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