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Robin Taylor

Location: Suva, Fiji

About Me

1994-2003 - Lecturer in psychology, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji Islands.

1992-1994 - Post-doctoral research fellow at the Koestler Chair of Parapsychology, University of the Edinburgh, Scotland.

Worked with Dean Radin in helping to set up the second automated Ganzfeld at KPU. Current research has diversified into cross cultural research (many areas). Currently working hardest in parapsychological research in establishing stronger theoretical links between evolutionary theory and psi phenomena.

Taylor, R. (1999) Conducting Parapsychological Research in Different Ethnic Cultures: Prospects, Problems and Solutions in Fiji. International Journal of Parapsychology, 11, 43-67.

Taylor, R.K. (In Press). Chapter 6. Imagery. (Vol. A-Z of Parapsychology). London: Routledge.

Taylor, R. K. (In press). Evolutionary Theory and Psi: Reviewing and revising some need-serving models in psychic functioning. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Jan 2003.

Radin, D., Taylor R. and Braud W. (1995) Remote Mental Influence of Human Electrodermal Activity: an pilot replication. European Journal of Parapsychology, 11, 19-34.

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