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Dr. Howard Eisenberg

Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

About Me

I have a 'deep' and long history with Psi and Parapsychology.

My interest stems back to my personal childhood 'experiences' of being able to somewhat navigate into other levels/dimensions of reality and also my curiousity about 'what' we truly are and 'why' we are 'here'.

I was awarded the first University postgraduate degree for research in Parapsychology in Canada from McGill U. in Montreal - for my research on, 'Telepathy'. And I pioneered the instruction of Parapsychology as a regular credit course at the University of Toronto.

I authored the book, "Inner Spaces: Parapsychological Explorations of the Mind", and hosted the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's C.B.C. national radio program, "Odyssey".

Yet I'm an increasingly humble student of the greater mysteries.

I am also a medical doctor specializing in 'Mind/Body' Medicine and Psychotherapy, and additionally a Management Consultant & Trainer heading up my own international company, Syntrek Inc.

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