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Hannah Jenkins

Location: Hobart, Australia, Tasmania, Australia

About Me

Hannah Jenkins is the founder and director of QIPP (Quality Investigative Psi Projects) which is a research institute dedicated to discovering how to apply and explain psi. QIPP is currently in ‘start-up’ phase and aims to be a self-funding institute able to support a small cross-disciplinary team of researchers. QIPP is located in Hobart, the charming capital city of Australia’s island state, Tasmania. More about QIPP can be found here.

Hannah has a background in analytical philosophy. She focused both her Masters and PhD theses on the evidence for psi and issues of explanation in philosophy of science. She continues to maintain an interest in philosophical issues related to the study of psi, but her focus now is on how to apply psi to real-world problems and also to help promote a more balanced perspective about the evidence for psi in the mainstream. Her academic CV can be found here.

Previous to moving to Tasmania to undertake her PhD, Hannah lived in Sydney interspersed with stints in Europe and West Africa. She was born and bred in Canberra and also spent some of her formative years in Japan.

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