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Matthew Smith

Online Marketing Expert


Matthew Smith is an internet marketer that has developed many bespoke strategies for equipments involved in the healthcare industry. He leads their advanced targeting technologies to aim for a higher rate in return of investment. He started his online marketing career in 2007 and is actively engaged with several leading internet brands and web sites assisting with internet business and marketing. He is currently concentrating on the services and products offered by Clean Air Plus, a retailer of HEPA air purifiers with the best features and most advanced technology. At the present time, he is involved in imparting quality information about the presence of contaminants or pollutants in the atmosphere. He also gives helpful ideas on the types of air purifiers in the market and which kind greatly suits to your needs.


Matthew is responsible for making the company he works for be known in the field of healthcare equipments. Through his years of experience he already developed an effective marketing strategy that could make a product stand out from the rest of its competitors. He oversaw the integration of timeless direct marketing principles with the current media and technology produces astonishing results. He sees to it that through the course of time he learns new programs and platforms for his to effectively promote his clients products. Right now, he is focusing in reducing harmful emissions and contaminants through the use of the advance technology on air filters. It can greatly help in reducing the number of contaminants lurking in a home.


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