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Yung-Jong Shioah

Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China

About Me

My main current area of research is body, mind and spirit in terms of meditation, beliefs and psychology and paranormal abilities via conventional and unconventional perspectives. One of my current research interests is meditation and its claimed effects, such as emotional stability, enhanced attention, and heightened well-being. I am also interested in a wide range of meditation applications, such as neurofeedback (i.e. attention, creativity, positive mood and health). In addition, I’ve researched a wide range of topics of psychology and beliefs including the development of Chinese version of paranormal beliefs scale, the development of Chinese version of core religious experience scale, the development of Chinese version of Déjà Vu scale, development of Chinese global meaning beliefs (Fan-Qiu-Zhu-Ji), sleep paralysis in different cultures, the effects of resilience, scarcity and death anxiety/meaning of life, psychological acceptance and religiosity and mental health. Regarding the paranormal abilities, I am investigating effects of intentionally enhanced tea on mood, testing an extra-sensory perception (ESP) training model proposed by myself and constructing theories for ESP perception and experiencing visual image of targets during ESP.

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