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The latest schedule of events for Parapsychology and Anomalistic Psychology

Carlos has been blogging about our upcoming massively open online course or MOOC (technically it's still a mini-mooc at 315+ registrants so far),Parapsychology and Anomalistic Psychology: Research and Education. I've just put up the individual events in the course in the Parapsychological Association events calendar. The course itself starts January 5th and ends February 14th, 2015 and has something happening every day of the week except Sundays on theWizIQ teaching platform.

The course includes live lectures that will be available as recordings within an hour or so of the live session completing. PowerPoints and other materials that are related to the lecture will also be available before the lecture takes place, and at least until the spring of 2016 on the social media teaching platform where the course takes place.

Recordings of the live lectures will also be uploaded to our YouTube Channel, Parapsychology Online, within a week or so of the live lecture having completed.

In addition we'll have about a dozen "Poster Sessions," that is stand-alone PowerPoints from a variety of our colleagues on a wide array of topics relevant to the work we all do.

The Schedule So Far

Here is the current list of content presentations and their dates and times (in EST):

  1. Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado Introduction to the Scientific Study of Psychic Phenomena,January 6th at 2pm Eastern.
  2. Dr. Alejandro Parra, Clinical and Counseling Aspects of Psychic Phenomena,January 7th, at 2pm Eastern.
  3. Dr. Daniel Benor, Paranormal Healing Studies: Research, Practice and Life Lessons,January 8th, at 2pm Eastern.
  4. Dr. Edwin C. May, The Multiphasic Model of Precognition, January 10th, at 2pm Eastern.
  5. Dr. Everton de Oliviera Maraldi, Dissociation, Belief and Identity: Results from a Multi-Methods Study of Mediums, Atheists and Others in Brazil,January 12th, at 2pm Eastern.
  6. Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone, Modern Parapsychology: Geographic View, January 13th, at 2pm Eastern
  7. Joe McMoneagle, Perceptions of a Paranormal Subject, January 19th, at 2pm Eastern.
  8. Dr. Dean Radin, Supernormal: Science, Yoga and Psi, January 24th, at 2pm Eastern
  9. Dr. Richard S. Broughton, Will an Evolutionary Perspective Help Us Understand How Extrasensory Perception Works?,January 28th, Noon Eastern.
  10. Dr. Chris Roe, The Qualitative Study of Mediumship, January 29th, 2pm Eastern.
  11. Cherylee Black, We are All Experiencers, January 31st, 2pm Eastern
  12. Dr. Alexander Moreira-Almeida, Implications of Mediumship for the Mind-Brain Relationship,February 2nd, Noon Eastern
  13. Bryan Williams, Beyond the Brain? Exploring the Neuropsychological Correlates ofESP.,February 3rd, Noon Eastern.
  14. Christopher Laursen, The Potential of Disciplinarity: Working Between Disciplines to Better Understand Anomalous Experiences,February 5th, 2pm Eastern.
  15. Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, What the Study of Religion has to Offer Parapsychology,February 6th, 2pm Eastern.
  16. Dr. Paul H. Smith, Remote Viewing: Antecedents, Conditions, People, Protocols, Applications,February 7th, 2pm Eastern.
  17. Dr. Fátima Regina Machado, Psi-Related Experiences in Daily Life and Their Association with Beliefs, Attitudes, and SubjectiveWell-Being: A Brazilian Survey,February 10th, 2pm Eastern.
  18. Dr. Stephen E. Braude, The Challenge of Macro-PK, February 12th, 2pm Eastern.
  19. Dr. Etzel Cardeña, Hypnosis and Psi, February 13th, 2pm Eastern.

We have about 6 or so additional guest speakers we are still talking with on their titles, their times, their dates and in one case, whether they can really fit the course into their schedule this year or no. (And YES I said this year. We're hoping to do a free online course like this one every year.)

We also have quite a number of "Poster Sessions" (stand-alone PowerPoint presentations that will cover a variety of other topics, provide bibliography for the course, and cover some notable individuals in our field, their lives and contributions.

When we get the rest of the speakers set up, we'll let you know who they are, and when the Poster Session presentations are finalized, we'll update you all on that too.


We've been enrolling attendees since early December and were up to 318 this morning. If you are interested in joining the course, go to and put "Parapsychology" or "Anomalistic Psychology" into the search box. This will bring up two widgets, one for the current course, and one for a hop-on/hop-off course Carlos and I taught in from Spring 2013 through Spring 2014. Clcik on the current course. You will be taken to the course home page where you can click the "Enroll" button. If you already have a WizIQ free account (as in you attended our November 2-day online conference,Parapsychology and Psychology: Research and Theory), you'll be taken directly to the new course and be enrolled. If you don't have a free WizIQ account, you'll be taken to a sign in page where you can use your Facebook details or create a new account with your email and a password. Easy! Peasy!

If you need any help don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I can send you an invitation that will have an email attached with more detailed information. You can also check out the WizIQ tutorials on our YouTube Channel,Parapsychology Online, where there is a playlist of YouTube tutorials for the November conference.

Can't Make the Live Sessions So Why Bother?

Well, here's the answer to that: all the live presentations will be recorded and will be available along with PowerPoints and all the other materials on the WizIQ social media platform at least until the Spring of 2016 and maybe longer. In addition, within a week or so of the live presentations, there will be recordings (minus the chat box to protect attendees' privacy) uploaded to the Parapsychology Online YouTube channel into a new playlist dedicated to theParapsychology and Anomalistic Psychology course. So not to worry; if 2pm Eastern is 3:30am in your home town, you can still watch the recordings at your liesure.

Who We're Grateful To ...

We couldn't have done this course without the good folks at WizIQ, who have taught us how to use the system (and aren't to be blamed for the course logo on the "About the Course" page -- I hadn't gotten the message yet that I could only add a logo to the course page once, sigh ...), have been my favorite go-to place for online teaching professional development courses for the past almost six years, to the more than 30 colleagues and friends around the field who have committed to presentations, submitted poster sessions, or are in preparation to do so. We also couldn't have done this without the financial support of the Parapsychology Foundation, Natasha and Jonathan Chisdes of and our local colleague, Dr. Phil Morse.

We're also especially thankful to Lisette Coly who not only will be issuing the Certificates of Completion to course attendees who fulfil the requirements, and not only contributed financially to our support during the preparation period, but has also brought us back into the Parapsychology Foundation fold as paid part-timers in 2015, a smooth transition because we have never stopped volunteering for the PF, and we're excited about getting to help out with the re-emergence of the PF in 2015.

Anyway, come join us!

Our course on WizIQ has been okayed for 1,999 attendees and I know if we get close, they'll let us expand it a bit, so come join us, publicize the course among your friends, and just don't miss this opportunity to see some of the best and brightest in our field share their knowledge, their research, and their points of view!


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