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Fall 2014 Term at the Rhine Education Center: Four New Courses

PA Member John G. Kruth has been at work over the summer months recasting the Rhine Education Center's course structure into a new curriculum that is a combination of 4-week courses, 8-week courses, some academically-oriented, some a little bit more popular, and some eligible for a variety of new certificate programs. Some weeks back I made a video that introduces folks to the changes at the Rhine Education Center.

Here's the link:

In this video I go over some of the changes and give folks information on where to find more information about the four courses which are taught totally online: Research Methods in Parapsychology (taught by John G. Kruth starting with an online lecture Wednesday night, September 24th); Developing Your Intuition (taught by PA member Loyd Auerbach, starting with an online lecture Monday night, September 29th), History of the Rhine Research Center (from the beginning to 1940, team-taught by myself and Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado, both of us two-time past-Presidents of the PA, starting also with an online lecture Monday night, September 29th, a few hours before Loyd's course starts); and Premonitions: Peeking into the Future (also team taught by Alvarado and I, starting Monday night October 27th). John's course runs 8 weeks, and Loyd's and the two taught by Carlos and I run 4 weeks each.

One change in the REC program this fall is that "auditing" is the default. If you're interested in being graded for your work in the course, you can arrange that with your instructors, otherwise you won't need to achieve a grade to get through course. However, only graded courses are eligible for the various certificate programs.

For more information about Loyd's Developing Your Intuition course, we've uploaded a video by Loyd to the Rhine Research Center's YouTube channel:

Here's the link:


For more information on John Kruth's course, I uploaded a video done by John that talks about his course in more depth.

Here's the link:

We'll be putting up some more videos on the courses over the next couple of weeks, so it's best to subscribe to the Rhine Research Center's channel to make sure you get the updates.

On the Rhine Research Center's channel you can also explore Welcome to the Week videos from previous courses to get a sense of how the courses have been taught in the past, and also to see some other videos we've uploaded or linked to that show tours of the Rhine Research Center, or quick looks at some of the Rhine's Friday Night Talks.

Carlos and I are really dedicated to improving educational opportunities for folks in the field, whether your interest is general or more academic. Another couple of great places for more information is Carlos' blog "Parapsychology" which can be found by clicking on the link in the blog title in this line, and by subscribing to our YouTube Channel,ParapsychologyOnline.

Come join us! Should be a great term at the Rhine!

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