Friday, October 09, 2015   7:00 PM

Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part One: A Personal Journey

Is it possible to mentally control the dice in Las Vegas? My guest, believes that it is possible. In fact, he has been training people to do so for many years. It's not about the dice, however. It's about how you manifest in the world. Here he describes how cultivating psychokinesis helped him overcome grief and depression.


Thursday, October 08, 2015   8:25 PM

NEW THINKING ALLOWED television interview series

Many new interviews with parapsychologists have now been posted. 


If you subscribe to this YouTube channel (at no cost) -- and also notify friends, colleagues, and students -- you can help make this ongoing series available to a wider audience.




Thursday, June 14, 2012   6:44 PM

Links to Excerpts of Videotaped Interviews with PA Members

Here are links to some excerpts of Thinking Allowed, national public television interviews I have conducted with PA members:

Dean Radin, The Conscious Universe:

Rupert Sheldrake, The Presence of the Past:

Rupert Sheldrake, A New Science of Life:

Russell Targ, Miracles of Mind:

Charles Tart, Self-Observation:

Charles Tart, Waking Up:

The Thinking Allowed You Tube channel ( also contains many other interviews with outstanding scholars on topics related to parapsychology.



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