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Call for Chapters: Is There Life After Death? Vol. 2

  Call for Chapters Is There Life After Death? Vol. 2: Case Studies Edited by Dr Leo Ruickbie and Robert McLuhan for the Society for Psychical Research Rationale It is one of the fundamental questions that everyone will ask themselves, but in an age of global pandemics, with the increasing challenge to once universal religious certainties and the growing partisan ... Read More

Researching Energy Medicine

  Dean Radin discusses a series of five research papers, published in conjunction with a group of colleagues, investigating "energy medicine" – a term he acknowledges is a misnomer, as it is neither energy nor medicine. 190 individuals with carpal tunnel pain were each treated by an energy healer during a half-hour, laboratory session. ... Read More

Ecology, Nature and Parapsychology: An Online Symposium

Humanity’s greatest challenge is the current ecological crisis. How may parapsychology contribute to the expected changes of behavior? PA Members will explore this question on November 21, 2020 (9am - 3pm EST) in an online symposium chaired by PA President Renaud Evrard. This event is the first of a series of quarterly symposia on various parapsychological topics. ... Read More

Consciousness as the brain's energy field

Interesting proposal form Prof. McFadden at the University of Surrey here in the UK that consciousness is based on the electromagnetic fields produced by neural interactions. Have a look here: Read More

The Journal of Parapsychology

We invite you to submit your high-quality scholarly manuscripts for review and publication. From 1937 to today, the peer-reviewed Journal of Parapsychology has been recognized as an authoritative resource for anyone interested in the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. J. B. Rhine and William McDougall, of the Duke University Parapsychology Lab, established it to ... Read More

Call for Chapters: Is There Life After Death?

Is There Life After Death? Arguments, Theories, Evidence Edited by Leo Ruickbie and Robert McLuhan for the Society for Psychical Research Deadline for abstracts: 8 June 2020. Read the full call for chapters here and here Read More

Camille Flammarion: The Mystical Astronomer with Carlos Alvarado

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, is a Research Fellow at the Parapsychology Foundation, and Adjunct Research Faculty at Sofia University. He is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Near-Death Studies and the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, and is the Book Review Editor of the Journal of Parapsychology, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Scientific ... Read More

Fall 2019 Journal of Parapsychology Released

The latest issue of the Journal of Parapsychology is out and PA members can download it for free. Here is the table of contents: Journal of Parapsychology Volume 83 / Number 2 Fall 2019 EDITORIALS Errors of the Third Kind Etzel Cardeña Methodological and Statistical Recommendations: Option or Necessity Jessica Utts and Patrizio Tressoldi ARTICLES In Memoriam: ... Read More

The Strength and Reliability of Remote Viewing with Russell Targ

Russell Targ, a laser physicist, cofounded the remote viewing research program at SRI International. He is coauthor of Mind Reach, The Mind Race, Miracles of Mind, The Heart of the Mind , and The End of Suffering. He is author of Limitless Mind and The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities . He is also coeditor of the anthology, Mind At Large . Here ... Read More

Remembering Alex Tanous with Loyd Auerbach

Loyd Auerbach, MS, received his masters' degree in parapsychology from John F. Kennedy University. He is author of Mind Over Matter; ESP, Hauntings, and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist's Handbook; Reincarnation, Channeling, and Possession; Psychic Dreaming; A Paranormal Casebook; and Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal. He is co-author (with Ed May, ... Read More

Conversations With Ghosts with Callum Cooper

Callum Cooper, PhD, is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom. He is author of Telephone Calls From the Dead. He is coeditor, with Steven Parsons, of Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal. And, he is coauthor (with Alex Tanous) of Conversations With Ghosts. His website is Here he describes the remarkable ... Read More

The Making of a Parapsychologist with Stanley Krippner

This 2002 archival video (recorded and produced by Tamara Gurbis / Phenomenal Films LLC). Here, Stanley Krippner, then age 70, describes his childhood and college experiences and how they led him to a career in parapsychology and transpersonal psychology. He recalls his personal connection with many well-known personalities from an earlier era including Laura Huxley, ... Read More

Altered States and Enhanced Functioning with Etzel Cardeña

Etzel Cardeña holds the endowed Thorsen Chair in psychology at Lund University in Sweden, where he directs the Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP). Among his books are Varieties of Anomalous Experience published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and now in its second edition, the two-volumes Altering Consciousness: A ... Read More

Channeling Research, Theory, and Practice with Helané Wahbeh

Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR is director of research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Wahbeh is clinically trained as a naturopathic physician and research trained with a Master of Clinical Research and two post-doctoral research ... Read More

Daryl Bem on Feeling the Future (and on Stanley Krippner)

This video is based upon a never-before-publicly-seen archival video (recorded and produced by Tamara Gurbis / Phenomenal Films LLC) of Daryl Bem, emeritus professor of psychology from Cornell University discussing the influence of Stanley Krippner upon his own research. Bem achieved international fame when his article, "Feeling the Future", was published in the ... Read More
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